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Long-handled shopping bagLong-handled shopping bag
0.696 eurocod: 62164stoc: 643extern: 380714
Short-handled shopping bagShort-handled shopping bag
0.672 eurocod: 62547stoc: 100extern: 47778
Coloured Cotton bagColoured Cotton bag
0.936 eurocod: 60415stoc: 100extern: 42826
Cotton bag with long handlesCotton bag with long handles
1.068 eurocod: 60880stoc: 50extern: 130875
Polyester bagPolyester bag
1.332 eurocod: 62370stoc: 4extern: 1020
BATNA, foldable shopping bagBATNA, foldable shopping bag
2.844 eurocod: 5100302SA3stoc: 0extern: 281
Shopping bag in metallic lookShopping bag in metallic look
0 eurocod: 67548stoc: 0extern: 61
Shopping bag with short handleShopping bag with short handle
0.96 eurocod: 68686stoc: 0extern: 90
Non-woven cooling bagNon-woven cooling bag
2.016 eurocod: 68749stoc: 0extern: 29