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Luggage scaleLuggage scale
3.396 eurocod: 63533stoc: 1extern: 4738
Shirt caseShirt case
6.288 eurocod: 60048stoc: 1extern: 2165
Suit cover made of PEVASuit cover made of PEVA
1.44 eurocod: 63962stoc: 0extern: 5608
Polyester suit carrierPolyester suit carrier
24.768 eurocod: 63801stoc: 0extern: 391
Inflatable soft travel pillowInflatable soft travel pillow
0.972 eurocod: 63125stoc: 0extern: 44174
Bag holder for trolleysBag holder for trolleys
0.144 eurocod: 61769stoc: 0extern: 27476
Adjustable luggage strapAdjustable luggage strap
1.38 eurocod: 91344stoc: 0extern: 36297
Plush neck pillow with closure bandPlush neck pillow with closure band
9.42 eurocod: 71342stoc: 0extern: 532
Travel set with neck pillow, sleep maskTravel set with neck pillow, sleep mask
5.82 eurocod: 61429stoc: 0extern: 1565