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regarding the processing of personal data

PROMO TROOPS SRL, with headquarters in Romania, Ciulnița str., no. 2, sect. 1, Bucharest,
registered at the Trade Registry Office at the Bucharest Court under no.
J40/4256/2002, having CIF RO14651335, established and operating in accordance with the acts
regulations from Romania and Regulation no. 679 of April 27, 2016 on protection
natural persons regarding the processing of personal data and regarding the free
circulation of this data, adopted by the European Parliament, as Data Operator
processes personal data in a safe and transparent way, ensuring its visitors
that it has implemented sufficient technical and organizational measures for them to have
confidence in the management of the personal data provided to him.

The operator processes the personal data of the persons concerned, visitors of, in accordance with the specific applicable legal provisions, for
carrying out the following activities:
 registration and resolution of requests through the contact form;
 registration and settlement of requests regarding the exercise of legal rights of
the persons concerned;
 registration and settlement of complaints;
 information regarding the resolution of the requests addressed to us and the realization of all of them
incidental legal obligations;

If you do not agree to the provision of personal data listed in this
form, we may not be able to comply with your request.
The personal data of the persons concerned are according to article 6 para. (1) lit. a B C)
and f) from EU Regulation 679/2016.

The personal data that we may request from you depending on the case, are the following:
First and last name;
 Place of work / Position held
 Telephone number;
Work e-mail address;
Other information necessary for certain exceptional situations;
As the data subject providing us with personal data, you are
responsible for their correctness.
The internal policy on the protection and security of personal data refers to the principle
minimization of personal data processing, by reducing it to the strict requirements presented in the Note
of information.
The operator reserves the right to exceptionally request other personal data in case
that they are necessary for the fulfillment of the listed purposes.

The personal data collected can be accessed conjuncturally by the following categories
Authorized representatives of the Operator, who will perform various data processing on behalf
the latter;
Administrators of the website;
Central institutions/authorities, at their request, carried out officially;
Courts for the formulation of actions and representation in court.
The disclosure of data to third parties is made only in accordance with the legal provisions for
the categories of recipients specified previously.

Personal data will be stored for a period in accordance with the related requirements and/or after
case, specific contracts, after which they will be anonymized according to internal procedures. Of
for example, your personal data specified in tax invoices,
will be processed pursuant to art. 319 para. (20) of Law 227/2015 on the Fiscal Code, being
stored with the fulfillment of appropriate security conditions for a period of 10 years in
in accordance with art. 25 para. (1) from the Accounting Law no. 82/1991, to which the term is added
additionally (if we consider it necessary to defend our legitimate interest) and the term
general prescription of 3 years provided for in the Civil Code of Romania, which runs from the date
the end of the financial year for the year during which these documents were drawn up.
In the case of settling a request regarding the legal regime of guarantees or of some notifications that do not
involves issuing accounting management documents, your personal data
personal data stipulated in the request you send us, will be processed for a period of 3
years starting from the moment of settlement, representing the general limitation period of 3 years
provided in the Civil Code of Romania.

According to the applicable legal provisions, you benefit from: the right of access, the right to rectification,
the right to erasure (the right to be forgotten), the right to restrict processing, the right to
portability, on personal data, as well as other rights conferred on you
by the legislation in force.
Note! In the case of data processed based on your consent, you can always
withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data by informing us in writing at the email address
__________________. In the case of data processed on the basis of contractual provisions,
the agreement regarding their processing will coincide with the validity period of the contract.
The contract can be drafted including a simplified form. In the case of processed data, in the base
to some legal provisions, the processing term will coincide with the term established by law, to which
an additional storage period of 3 years will be added, representing the general term of
prescription provided in the Civil Code of Romania.
For ambiguities or notifications regarding Data Protection, please contact the Responsible
with data protection by e-mail: or by post to the address of the headquarters